Gay Ottawa Volleyball Tournaments

Annual Tournament and Gala

Teams from across North America come out to the GOV tournament every year! This weekend-long event includes an opening night social and a gala with delicious food and a fabulous show and dance!

Due to COVID-19, we will post periodic updates on whether the event will be able to take place.

Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament

We host a beach volleyball tournament every summer. Come to our next one on Sunday August 29, 2021 beach tournament. 

North American LGBTQ+ Tournaments


Toronto’s Spartan Volleyball League (TSVL) hosts a tournament every fall and spring in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


Visit the Volleyball Boréal website to see the date of their next tournament.


The North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting and developing the sport of volleyball in the LGBTQ+ community. Cities from across the continent host NAGVA sanctioned tournaments that are both competitive and fabulously fun!