Recognizing our volunteers!

Join us in taking a moment to extend a big THANK YOU to three volunteers who are concluding their terms in their respective positions:


Tim Klodt (outgoing Chair)

Tim has served as Chair of the Board of Directors since May 2019, and served before then as a member of the Provisional Board. During his tenure he worked constantly to build a strong foundation of governance, playing a leadership role in drafting GOV’s By-Laws and several other core policies. Tim led by example, making sure Board discussions were focused, informed and strategic, and that Board meetings were effectively structured and disciplined. Tim, we are immensely thankful for your contribution to GOV and we are grateful that you will continue to serve on the GOV Board of Directors.


James Clemens (outgoing VP-Administration and Secretary to the Board)

James has served GOV in many capacities since 2017, first as an advisor to the Provisional Board, as a Director on GOV’s first official Board of Directors, and as Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary to the Board for the past three-and-half years. Throughout his time at GOV James has been a judicious steward of the organization, leading several projects that helped turn many of GOV’s lofty aspirations into reality. Always reliable, diligent and detail-oriented, he spent countless hours making sure GOV’s decisions and activities were well-documented and that volunteers were equipped with the tools and support they needed. James, thank you sincerely for your years of dedication and service.


Keith Black (outgoing Board Director)

Keith has served on the GOV Board of Directors since January 2021, and in that time participated actively to support the Board’s mandate, including serving on the Policy, Finance and Governance Committee and playing a key role in drafting our Sponsorship Policy. On the court, Keith helped welcome new players this summer by leading a hat team in the Beach League! Keith, thank you for stepping forward as a leader and supporting the work of building a more inclusive community of sport in Ottawa/Gatineau. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in various roles to help further the organization.


If you are interested in becoming a GOV volunteer, please contact

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