The Gay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV) league is a volunteer, non-profit volleyball league catered mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and LGBTQ-friendly within the National Capital Region (NCR). The league provides an inclusive and fun environment, but also serves as a healthy social venue for the LGBTQ community in the NCR.


Board of Directors

GOV is managed and operated by a Board of Directors, consisting of up to eight volunteer members. The Board generally meets once a month to plan and organize GOV’s programs and events, as well as make strategic decisions about GOV’s long-term sustainability. The members of the current Board of Directors are:

  • Tim Klodt, Chair
  • James Clemens
  • Mark Frankish
  • Martin Henry
  • Dean MacDougall
  • James Mickle
  • David Muddiman

At each Annual General Meeting in December, the GOV members elect four Directors to serve two-year terms.


As a not-for-profit organization, Gay Ottawa Volleyball must have by-laws which outline the conduct required by its directors, officers, and members. GOV’s by-laws have been enacted by the Board of Directors on December 8, 2019, and confirmed by members who attended the Annual General Meeting held on December 18, 2019.

Gay Ottawa Volleyball By-Lay #1 – Relating to the conduct of the affairs of GOV


GOV has four committees whose responsibility is to implement decisions taken by the Board of Directors. These committees are:

  • Core Programming Committee (Chair: Vice President – Operations)
  • Tournaments Committee (Chair: President)
  • Policy, Finance and Governance Committee (Chair: Chair of the Board)
  • AGM and Nominations Committee (Chair: Andre Scott)

Season 2020-2021’s Executive Team

GOV is made possible through the hard work of the executive team, coordinators and volunteers who take a leadership role with a particular aspect of GOV’s programming. Executive and coordinator positions are appointed by the Board of Directors every June, and serve for one year. Here is our team for the 2020-2021 season:

  • President: David Muddiman
  • Vice President – Administration: James Clemens
  • Vice President – Finance: Kaitlin Kirk
  • Vice President – Operations: Vacant
  • Communications Coordinator: Martin Henry
  • League Coordinator: Vacant
  • Drop-in Coordinator: James Mickle
  • Skills Development Coordinator: Mark Frankish
  • Tournaments Coordinator: Belinda Li
  • Facilities & Equipment Coordinator: Vacant
  • Events Coordinator: Vacant
  • Sponsorship  & Partnerships Coordinator: Vacant
  • Bookkeeping: Nathan Crump

If you are interested in contributing to GOV as a volunteer, please write to us at info@govleague.ca. You do not have to be on the Board of Directors to take on an executive or volunteer position!

Strategic direction

Past and current Board members have drafted a Strategic Intent, to articulate a longer-term vision for GOV and how it will grow, based on our core principles, values and needs.

Gay Ottawa Volleyball’s 2018-2023 Strategic Intent

Policies and guidance documents

Gay Ottawa Volleyball has developed various policies and guidance documents to ensure the league is managed in a fair and transparent manner. These policies have been enacted by the Board of Directors.