The Gay Ottawa Volleyball (GOV) league is a volunteer, non-profit volleyball league catered mainly to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, and LGBTQ-friendly within the National Capital Region (NCR). The league provides an inclusive and fun environment, but also serves as a healthy social venue for the LGBTQ community in the NCR.

2019-20 Board Members

GOV is managed and operated by a Board of Directors, consisting of up to eight volunteer members. The Board generally meets once a month to plan and organize GOV’s programs and events, as well as make strategic decisions about GOV’s long-term sustainability. The 2019-20 GOV Board consists of:

  • Tim Klodt, Chair
  • David Muddiman, President
  • James Clemens, Vice President – Administration
  • Mark Frankish, Vice President – Operations
  • Dean MacDougall, Vice President – Finance
  • Charlie Brenchley
  • Martin Henry
  • James Mickle
2018-2023 Strategic Intent

Past and current Board members have drafted a Strategic Intent, to articulate a longer-term vision for GOV and how it will grow, based on our core principles, values and needs.

Review it and let us know what you think!

2019-20 Coordinators and Volunteers

In addition to the Board of Directors, GOV is made possible through the hard work of coordinators and volunteers who take a leadership role with a particular aspect of GOV’s programming, and help recruit other volunteers to help with those programs and events. Many Board members are also coordinators, but you do not have to be a Board member to get involved! If you are interested in contributing to GOV as a volunteer, please write to us at info@govleague.ca.

  • League Coordinator: Phil Robert
  • Drop-in Coordinator: James Mickle
  • Skills Development Coordinator: Martin Henry
  • Tournaments Coordinator: David Muddiman (acting)
  • Facilities & Equipment Coordinator: Mark Frankish (acting)
  • Events Coordinator: Harrison Gallon
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: Charlie Brenchley
  • Communications Coordinator: Martin Henry
  • Bookkeeping: Nathan Crump

As GOV grows, the Board is actively working on building its governance structure in order to maintain GOV’s long-term sustainability. This has included the creation of committees to coordinate GOV’s operations.

  • Core Programming Committee (Chair: Mark Frankish)
  • Tournaments Committee (Chair: David Muddiman)
  • Policy, Finance and Governance Committee (Chair: Tim Klodt)
  • AGM and Nominations Committee (Chair: Andre Scott)