2020 Board Members Election and Season update

GOV’s 2020 Annual General Meeting took place on December 13, 2020. Each year during the AGM, members of GOV elect four members to the Board of Directors. This year, due to a vacancy, five positions had to be filled.

For the first time in GOV’s history, 7 people submitted their candidacy! A secret vote was held, and members elected Tim Klodt, Laura Barkley, Jonathan Plata and Stéphanie Simard for a 2-year term, and Keith Black for a 1-year term. They join James Mickle, Martin Henry and Dean MacDougall to form GOV’s 2021 Board of Directors.

Thank you to outgoing Directors Mark Frankish, David Muddiman and James Clemens for their contribution to GOV over the last few years. Although not on the Board of Directors anymore, they remain part of the GOV family, and we couldn’t be happier to keep working with them!

If you haven’t done so already, take the time to check out our 2019-2020 season update:

We look forward to seeing you on the court in 2021.

Stay safe and healthy!

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